The Three Horizons

To ensure goal congruence and organisational alignment of operational and functional strategies and tactics with that of the principal Samancor Chrome strategy, the business utilises a balanced scorecard framework, which includes the following dimensions:

  • Safety, Health, Environment and Risk of which “Zero harm” is the central tenet
  • Organisation Learning & Development, which is exemplified by an absolute commitment to our people
  • Customer, where the emphasis is on service orientation and providing customer solutions
  • Business Processes, where continuous improvement and the pursuit of excellence is the imperative in terms of procurement, maintenance and technology
  • Growth, which is underpinned by effective delivery of the project pipeline
  • Shareholder Value, which is epitomised by a value-oriented culture that strives for profitability

A “three-horizon” strategy initially tabled in 2001 serves as the compass that provides the direction for Samancor Chrome’s strategic and operational initiatives.

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The adoption of a manufacturing mindset epitomises “horizon-one”, with the focus being on safely delivering production. This focus is reinforced in the operational tactics at each of the sites and in support functions such as Safety, Procurement and Engineering and Technical, which have a vital role to play in facilitating the realisation of a stable and safe operating environment.

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“Horizon-two” is aimed at optimising the value-chain, with specific attention being paid to the rationalisation of Samancor Chrome’s mining operations and deploying capital to realise de-bottlenecking opportunities and deliver enhanced returns.

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“Horizon-three” is aimed at repositioning Samancor Chrome in a future industry context so that it is positioned to reap the benefits that will arise from the opportunities that will emerge from these changes.